He lost his dad

 Damn. A young boy on the crest of being a man, crying for his father shakes me up a little </3. I am a positive person, a friend to all, even the judgmental ones. In a world where there is so much distance created by smart phones and mass media, what do I have to listening to someone vent for 40 minutes while walking their dog or crying or riding the bus? Nothing except time. And although time is of the essence, and a gift not afforded to many, I might as well lend an ear or a shoulder.
Here this kid is falling apart while trying to be a rock next to his mother. I can’t look because the lumps form in my throat and I think of the heartlessness and brutality by those who’ve sworn to serve and protect.
I started going to church again like three months ago. The world is a tough place and people are out here trying to get us. Me and everyone like me–the good people. Alton Sterling wasn’t hurting anybody and was just trying to make an extra buck like the senators or take “hundred-thousand-dollar donations” from special interest groups. And for an selfless human like me, the weight of the world is too heavy sometimes, church helps with the grief. I’ve cried for a lot of people I don’t know. Energies can be that strong. I pray for people who support barbaric acts like killing black men, I pray for the victims, and I pray for the officers that choose murder over aid. “From the moment when Officer Lake gave his first order to Sterling, through the firing of the final shot, the entire encounter lasted less than 90 seconds,” writes The Advocate. I struggle to come to terms with the notion that free will means malice has a place too.
I know that one day this will stop because the day of reckoning is on the horizon, the kingdom of God shall have no end, and justice will be served. But right now I live here, in the flesh, and my fleshly desires want equality and life for my black brothers and sisters. I want domestic terrorism and white supremacy to end.
I know that peace will come. I know it will. God is watching and with social media the world sees how “beautiful and free” America is. Now, they know. We’ve had great leaders die in the name of civil rights and we will continue to press on in your name. To #AltonSterling‘s son, I’m sorry you lost your dad, little brother. I really am. His life will be remembered and his name will be resurrected in the talks to come. #yourdadmatters

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