Alton Sterling

 damn. A young boy crying for his father…. shakes me up a little </3. I am a positive person, a friend to all, even the judgmental ones. in a world where there is so much distance created by smart phones and mass media, what the hell do I have to lose by having a 40 minute conversation with someone walking their dog, or crying in a bathroom… time? Well time is of the essence and a gift not afforded to many, so might as well lend an ear or a shoulder.
Here is this kid is falling apart amidst trying to be a rock next to his mother…. I started going back to church (a really great one too) like three months ago. The world is a tough place man and people are here trying to get us. Especially for an unconditional lover and optimist like me. I’ve cried for people I don’t know, pain and loss is that strong. I also cry for people who support these barbaric acts, the victims, and the perpetrators. I struggle to come to terms with free will means that hate has a place too and divine intervention is on its own time.
It’s really rough but I pray everyday that one day this will stop. That the hunt for black blood will stop and that domestic terror will end. I know that peace will come. I know it will. God is watching. Plus, with social media, now the world sees how “beautiful and free” America is. Now, they know. Sad we have to go through this. We’ve had great leaders die in the name of civil rights and we will continue to press on in your name. To #AltonSterling‘s son…. I’m sorry you lost your dad, little brother. I really am. This will not go unnoticed and your dad did not die. His life will be remembered and his name will be resurrected in the talks to come. #restinparadisealtonsterling #blacklivesmatter #yourdadmatters

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