Open Letter: America, You Fools

November 9, 2016

Dear America,

Donald Trump will never be my president. He has no respect for presidents before him, nor does he have a drop of genuine human compassion. He won commander-in-chief, fairly, by electoral vote. I do not deny that part.

I will not salute his hatred, bigotry, or predatation on the disadvantaged middle class.

As I sob and sob and sob, there are two things I have going for me. One- I have no kids, so I can leave and seek asylum in another country, if that’s the way it works but ultimately you can run but you can’t hide. Two- I have several degrees that might be worth something someplace.

In a way, it sets us free.  No more tactics for growth. No more progress. No more hope for a better, racist-free, adequate-waged, informed, strengthened society.

The beautiful country and planet we once had, is now in the hands of monstrosity. Between coal, oil drilling and women’s equality, we are headed for decay. Those of us bearing the weight of trying to relay messages that an experienced woman with friends in several places is the only one who can salvage us, lost.

Correspondents like Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Bill Maher, Viceland, Van Jones, Occupy Democrats, Now This, Up Worthy and various other fact stating progressive outlets, did the reporting mainstream media neglected to do- cover policy not antics. Therefore, we’re unable to break the looming shell of illiteracy that plagues our nation.

Instinctively, I want to blame independent party voters. They are among the most identifiable group who hijacked votes in crucial states in order to “restore” 5% of the independent party for the sake of trying to attain funding. It was the wrong time in the wrong place.Your beliefs in a rogue democracy have dragged the world to its grave. Congratulations. We told you Trump supporters would over shadow your vote… we told you their dedication to Trump’s ego and lies, are stronger than ANY reason. And now, independent voters made the biggest mistake of all of our lives.

However, we, the greater gooders, were failed by so so so many others. Namely,

  • Blacks who were under the impression that voting for Hillary was the wrong vote to cast because of her husband or the ambiguity of what she brings to the table. In my personal opinion, the majority of people no matter what color or party they are, choose their own ignorance. Also, Blacks who were for Trump. Why is this a thing? Because eliminating an already tanking social security and wages is not worth your vote? Why did black men vote for Trump? You and your families are most at risk for incarceration, and if they’re already incarcerated they’re not getting released. Congratulations, you’re now a slave again. You’re ungrateful and a disgrace to all the educated black women/men who have struggled for decades to end systemic racism. You opted not to elect a figure who would improve that legislation.
  • Moms and women, the 42% that voted for Trump for whatever reason. You voted against maternity leave and equal wages. Is that because you’re a stay at home mom or one making less than $12 an hour, or because you think every woman should be a mother so the ones enjoying a parentless life are a slap to your family? Or are you just a helpless victim of male domination. How could you take the opportunity away from a generation of women wanting more time off, for dads and moms with their infants… How could you honestly cast a vote believing that Hillary, a mother, grandmother and literally a child activist was the wrong choice?
  • Floridians who are brainwashed. Mostly the FCC failed you for allowing your governor to censor the information but climate change and global warming. Your state is experiencing shrinking coasts and drastic storms. Florida is singlehandedly the first state, after Louisiana, to experience the travesty of climate change. Blacks in Florida, thousands who chose not to vote, how could you do that to Trayvon?
  • Young people, ah yes, the non voters. They couldn’t put aside their pride or cell phones. They “don’t want a government” or “are sick of the establishment.” Then exactly why are you here? Why are you a student? Why are you an employee? Why haven’t you started your own business? Because you can’t do it alone you fools. You’ve grown up in a land that has forsaken education to repaint the United States as perfect. Congratulations, you put the worst threat to the United Stated and the world to become up as commander-in-chief. You’re officially more controlled  by “the establishment” than ever before and that land and many others you abandoned, is about to sink. You chose yourself over peace, you still feel good about that. Or is ignorance still on fleek?
  • Hispanics, although many turned out in record numbers, 28% of Hispanics voted for Trump. Are other latinos not worthy of the path of success you’re clearly enjoying?
  • Michigan, a clearly decaying state, while it held on tight until late hours, you chose quite frankly just elected contaminated pipes over a rescue mission.
  • Lastly, many of us raised in the catholic church, but are now ambitious were let down. Anyone who voted for Trump voted for the perpetuation of hate and greed. Pope Francis, an avid philanthropist and the leader of the Catholic Church, said “the man is not a christian.” The ungodly words that have come out of his mouth “I can shoot someone and the middle of fifth avenue and no one would care.” “I moved on her like a bitch, she was married.” “I would date my daughter” the greed of Donald Trump not paying 19 years worth of taxes…. He definitely has given anything to the church… What happen there? Eliminating Planned Parenthood means more than the 10 commandments, because assault is all too preferred in the church. Why are you so blind to the belief that Christ died for our sins and only God shall judge?

Why is it that people want to see it all go under. In the most literal sense, our seas are rising and the world is drowning or suffocating. The progress we’ve made in terms of affordable health care, a condition that only plagues America. The regression we’ve made when it comes to education. Why is it that people chose to be less than great? Why doesn’t love trump hate? Why?

The democratic counter argument that America is already great is a lie. I wanted to believe we could win with that but It’s a bold-face lie. America is not great, that’s how Trump won. America is good but we are not great. We are less educated than other countries, we lack the socialism necessary to balance the economy and its clear that professionalism means nothing when it comes to holding the highest office.

Melania Trump may be our only hope. Real talk. It’s clear she wants to do the right thing but is anchored by the disease of her husband. Donald Trump will never be my president. He is the president of the United States but he is not my leader.

In her concession speech Hillary Clinton quoted Galatians 6:9 saying “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

Powerful but still heartbreaking words for the majority of us…

“To all the women and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and me, I want you to know nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.

And to all the little girls who are watching this – never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity.”

As I continue to live in what is now a foreign nation to me, I will try to remember Hillary’s empowerment and Obama’s clear soothing clarity. As I transition into becoming a hologram of the yester-American, I will attempt to cast an open mind but ultimately it is the coming of Christ himself that will save me and maybe a few other from complete despair.

I wish you all the best.

Love and light,

Meagan K. Cunningham


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