Still With Her … Elections 2016

Well here it is, November 8, 2016, the night before (blog later continued on the night of) the most vital election of our time. An election that can decide whether nations go forward economically…. or backward developmentally.

This election week is like running into a police station after being chased by the scream killer on Halloween night – you’re safe. Oorrr suddenly ….the cops  at the station whom were protecting you, hear something outside and instruct you to “stay here.”

It literally feels like a horror movie. The nation is just as divided as it was in 1959, only now, people who shouldn’t be so disillusioned, are out of their minds.  The United States has four candidates for president Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Donald Trump and Jill Stein.

Gary Johnson knows no foreign leaders. Jill Stein is down to talk about whoever and 9-11 and Donald Trump is a reality TV star.

Clinton, despite having for over 23 years of experience on Capitol Hill, is fighting like hell for the United States’ Commander in Chief  against a real estate businessman/ reality TV star.

For the past few years, America has been on the brink of a total social and environmental meltdown to say the least.  Wages are low and unequal, but cost of living is high, blacks are being inexplicably gunned down by law enforcement, and massive floods and droughts caused by coal and are happening frequently ….not to mention terrorism is alive and well.

AAANNNDD there are a million x million people whom  want to see it all get worse. Seems like decency and respect  for anything has become public enemy.

Moms are voting to not have extra time home with their new born babies. It’s mental.

United States is losing their marbles.

It’s daunting and completely uncomfortable.

There’s a good number of us I pray who want to get the earth right. With NASA reporting conditions of the world, we pray the vote withholds.

Nov. 9th ….

Why? Why would Florida do it? Because they’re brainwashed that sea level rise is not affecting their coasts or are they dragging the world down in it?

No U.S. coastal living. No Texas? Surely their crops are suffering.

However, One Fox News female guest reporter gave me hope bringing my dreams in politically correct terms saying “politicians are buying on Hillary selling on Donald Trump.”

Ana Marie Cox, Trevor Noah Comedy Central – “We’re more racist, more sexist, more divided than I’d like to believe. I’m heart broken.”

11/9/2016  11:28…

Don’t you see… we really are stronger together.

–Meagan K. Cunningham


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