Equal Pay Day and Driving Progress

This year has been nothing short of a venti-sized espresso of tyranny against women, schools, the poor and immigrants. Fortunately, Twitter reminds all of us social media users, through its “trending topics,” about how happy we can be that equal pay day is celebrated once a year and it’s wonderful. Thanks, Twitter! [Inserts Kanye quote]

I’m going to let you finish but…. why isn’t America doing it? The Washington Post found that  women earn slightly over 3/4  of what men earn and Forbes found that that’s the case for doing the same job…. AS OF 2016. In my opinion, it seems like an opportunity for a half-hearted publicity stunt, for brands and outlets to hashtag #equalpayday in an effort to draw attention to the problem, but how are you going to prevent it from being a 2017 or 2018 recurring statistic?

Audi says it’s making moves. During this year’s Super Bowl, the auto manufacturer seized an opportunity to make a national commitment to give equal pay for equal work. Airing this basic rights commercial in  the midst of a tense political climate, is a big deal.

This commercial isn’t to have women flock to Audi for a job, but to encourage other companies to step the hell up, and of course to inform women who may be interested in luxury car hunting know – “we got your back, ladies,” cough cough. Audi declared it doesn’t need the government to be inspired to change, it made a public promise to – brilliant. Being that Audi didn’t unveil this on an out-of-nowhere social media holiday, but more so on a national platform, makes it an impactful moment to encourage a mass audience of over 111 million viewers, to think about who the women are in their families and be active in their professional advancement one way or another.




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