NBA 2017 Rookie of the Year

The NBA pulled all of its star studded celeb fans to the stage this year for its 2017 NBA Awards ceremony. Drake played comedian and host, while Nicki Minaj performed with 2 Chainz. Since you’ve been following the basketball season, you’ve seen a rise in popularity of the Milwaukee Bucks. The klout the Bucks have gained this season has grabbed my particular attention because I love off-trend buzzer beater games. Seriously, talent without [too much] hype is where some of the best games take place. And although the Bucks tend to have a tad bit of a smaller fan base, their determination and confidence on the court speaks very loud.

With that said, the Milwaukee Bucks have been relentless this year in their rise to the playoffs and Brogdon, undoubtedly played a major part in that success. Of course, his teammates are also to thank (i.e 2017 Most Improved Player, “The Greek Freak,” Giannis Antetokounmpo) but when a rookie dunks on Lebron James, and hits 87% of his free throws, there’s no denying star quality.

On Monday, the University of Virginia Malcolm Brogdon’s hard work, patience, talent, and sportsmanship, paid off nicely when he accepted the much deserved NBA Rookie of the Year award. Lending his success to faith, his mom, and God. Brogdon is the first non-first-round draft pick to win the award.  I’m fortunate enough to have met this kind gentleman and couldn’t be more supportive of his and the Milwaukee Bucks’ success.


Check out the full list of winners here.


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