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My name is Meagan K. Cunningham. I’m a SoCal ex-pat living in the New York City area. I have a bachelor’s degree in public relations & visual media from Seton Hall University and I’m currently pursuing a master’s in Television Management that covers content management and distribution, television programming, and audience measurement. My thesis is on the internet’s impact on television.

My adult journey started as a peace-love-unity-respect (PLUR) promoting college student in Southern California. Participating in the golden era of dance music and studying communications made my dreamer wheels turn. After completing my Associates and attending a Paramount Pictures press junket for Jackass 3-D, I decided to go back to New Jersey/New York, where my dad has lived, and get a polishing touch.

My ideal career would be to produce large-scale events for television, film, music, the fashion industry or even a magazine. Studying film, art, writing, public relations, emerging technology, and broadcasting, have really made me an effective communicator and an asset to a variety of editorial teams.

By grace, I’ve been able to taste some of my dreams including working for Insomniac Events,  San Francisco tech conferences, and major media networks.

Lunar 1In 15 years, I’d really love to open nightclubs and/or restaurants in LA, NY and Miami.

I enjoy traveling, listening to all genres of music and eating delicious food. My weaknesses are sappy yet inspiring quotes, my kitten Luna (pictured), chocolate cake, and black & white films.

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