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My name is Meagan K. Cunningham. I’m a media professional interested in everything entertainment. From concerts, television shows and tech events, to just writing everyday stories, I’m creating a career that fits my extensive background in digital media and production.

As a SoCal ex-pat living in the New York City, I’m blessed with always having a friend wherever I am and living out some of thee coolest experiences.

My journey started at the peak of dance music as a peace-love-unity-respect (PLUR) spreading college student who got her first of many big breaks by attending a Paramount Pictures press junket for Jackass 3-D. I ended up getting to know the entire cast and literally sat next to them while watching the press screening.  After that, I knew I wanted to produce events and get into journalism. In 2011, I moved to the Big Apple and in 2013 I interned for CBS Radio and experienced what the editorial process was like for a music news outlet. Next, I helped produce a tech expo, festivals for Insomniac Events, college sports live streams, and shows for television.

I’d like to be a producer or brand strategist for the film, music, TV, or fashion industry, with room to write a book. With connections to film, art, writing, public relations, TV technology, broadcasting, and news, I’ve developed quite an eclectic exposure and approach to entertainment.

Lunar 1

My hobbies include writing, road trips, teaching myself new things, buying CDs and practicing yoga. My soft spots include inspiring life quotes, my kitten Luna (pictured),  giphy, triple chocolate fudge cake, and black & white films. Follow me where ever and shoot me a message for a follow back!

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4 thoughts on “About Me

    • meagankristenpr says:

      To be honest – I haven’t met anyone that regrets it but I would say it isn’t worth the debt, but if you can find a cost efficient way to go, go for it. If you can’t, then maybe take a couple of night classes on subjects that are valuable in the field you want to develop in.


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