Words of wisdom brought to you by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson – When I was growing up Marilyn Manson was public enemy number one or number two. Manson and Slim Shady, seemed to flip flop between who was most hated on any given week. I was a huge fan of both. 

Although I was only eight years old when his 1996 Antichrist Superstar hit, Manson had a gravitating presence that was intriguing and intimidating, dark yet very open. Manson embodied pubescence – a deliberate rebellion of conventional norms, hard hard hardcore goth style. The madness he’d say, do, or put in his music videos, combined hearsay, made Manson the target of suburbia angst.  Marilyn Manson The Dope Show 4

Here you had a man, that wore lipstick, faded white face paint, long jet black hair, and white contacts. Manson was virtually unclassifiable – and that was just from the neck up.

The ambiguity and cult-like persona ignited a fear in white collar America that spelled out in every headline– ‘[1999] Columbine Massacre Inspired by Marilyn Manson.’ That accusation has since been entirely debunked, however, the stigma followed him throughout his career. For his fans the public’s outrage fed our attraction, which fed his sales, and most likely contributed to his legendary status. 

Then, a few days ago I was flipping through my Rolling Stone magazine and beautiful words of wisdom were radiating off the black and white page. 

“Time is valuable, so spend it wisely… when you’re at the point in your life where you get to do what you want to do, enjoy it. Don’t miss out on the dream when it’s happening.” –Marilyn Manson, Rolling Stone

In recent years Manson lost both of his parents who he credits this wisdom and was close with. While surely this isn’t the first time someone’s shared an interpretation of ‘live in the moment,’ I whole heartedly agree we could all use a little bit more slowing down and a lot more fresh air. 

Check out the full Marilyn Manson interview from Rolling Stone here.

One of my all-time Marilyn Manson favorites – The Beautiful People The Beautiful People- Marilyn Mansonhttps://youtu.be/Ypkv0HeUvTc

Have a favorite Manson song? ⇓⇓


My Favorite Victoria Secrets Fashion Show Moment Ever

This VS Fashion Show performance was so fun, flawless, and sexy. Confession: It also made me a Bieliber. I’d be lying if I said I don’t perform to this song all the time – either in my apartment Cameron Diaz/Charlie’s Angels style  or while I run in the park. Victoria’s Secret “PinkBall” segment in 2012 just truly stands out as my moment of every girls dream come to life with the best soundtrack.

Check out my favorite VS Fashion Show moment to date:



*Dec 2016 is about to start!! Let’s go!*

Music Monday: Micah Sherman, Oliver Schmitz and Deniz Reno- Bang Boom

This music Monday is all about Bang Boom, a brand new deep house and nudisco collab. Electronic violinist Micah Sherman and Barcelona DJ Oliver Schmitz teamed up with Canadian singer and songwriter Deniz Reno to produce the perfect mix of sultry vocals and deep house. Reno wrote both sets of lyrics, including a track called Love Crime, and the vocal melodies in one afternoon. “I’ve never worked so fast before, but it kind of just came together, it felt right ” says Reno. After its production, Bang Boom was given a special nudisco remix by fellow Indian Tones artist Dragon Suplex. Check it out!

Deniz Reno hit the dance music scene two years when her and Matvey Emerson created “Higher” which was released by Armada Music in 2013. If you want to hear more, you can find the whole Bang Boom EP on Beatport. Photo credit: Indiana Tones Soundcloud

Trance Tuesday: Let the Light Shine In Darren Tate and Jono Grant (Tiesto remix)

If you’re like me and have been in the techno-trance-dance music scene for at least 9 years, then you know the term EDM masks what used to be a collection of highly crafted music.

Tiesto, one of underground dance music’s patriarchs, helped foster trance music. Good trance music. Some of the best actually. Among this patriarchal group is Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, William Orbit, Moby, John Dahlback and if the teenie boppers ever get over the IDGAF-persona of Deadmua5, they’d learn he had a pretty damn good trance album that marked the end of one era and the beginning of another.

The scene that we had formed and cultivated and protected, unexpectedly disappeared and took a catapult in to mainstream radio around 2012 and got converted into EDM. I love EDM but it gave way to unoriginality and minimum diversity. Trance will forever be in my heart. If you’re under 22, chances are you don’t know or care about what was Trance was BUT if you find yourself amongst the veterans of dance music culture :: cough cough:: (26 year-old-me), I invite you to listen and share.

Welcome to Trance Tuesday. My nostalgic release of good music throwbacks. Enjoy!

Let the Light Shine In Darren Tate and Jono Grant (Tiesto remix)

Photo Credit: Armada Music

Best Nightclubs in NYC

In February 2011, I moved back to The Big Apple. Within eight months, I was introduced to New York nightlife promoter style and have not looked back since. Through my intermediate socialite lifestyle, I have found these clubs are the Top 6 nightclubs to party at in NYC.

1. Avenue

Avenue nightclub plays great music. It’s a well-crafted mix of rap and dance music a consistent flow of club bangers on the track. The only issue: Avenue doesn’t have a “dance floor.” It’s a table club with no room to just go dance it out. It’s still fun but you need to be really pretty/sincere, on the list, or ready to by a table.

Bonus: If you’re lucky, you may get punched by Lindsay Lohan.

2. PhD in Dream Hotel Downtown

PH-D is aesthetically the best club and the DJ is usually spinning something super trendy and going hard. If you’re looking for a “happening” club Thursday-Saturday (Sunday afternoons in the summer) that is also spacious, PhD is a semi-exclusive spot that is always a good time.

Bonus: It has an awesome roof top view of the Empire State Building.

3. Marquee NY (featured image)

Marquee nightclub is an upscale interesting and usually houses big name dance DJs when they’re in town. It’s one of those clubs that “pops off” at a later time, approximatelyMarqueeNY  1 a.m. ish. The music caters more to house and electronic dance music, and has a pretty eccentric crowd. Marquee even has a gay night! Straight or gay this vibrant club comes with occasional costumes – it’s so retro underground but so New York Hot Spot. On a side note, the drinks here are over $17 so for guys that may be presented with a bar tab type deal and your girlfriend for free, take it.

Photo by: Meagan K. Cunningham

4. Lavo

Lavo NY is the best dinner and nightclub combo I’ll probably ever experience in New York.  (aside from Hurricane Club ::tear::.)

For the nightlife scene, Lavo is super glam chic in decor and the music is most likely on point and it gets better as the night goes on. Since 2014 the club has changed a little, skewing a little bit more towards a low-key celebrity crowd. At times, it serves as  a DJ venue with models and Heidi Klum throws her annual Halloween party there. Ladies, If you want to get in there without a table or an invite, I suggest a strappy dress, high heels, a big smile and a pretty girlfriend. It can be done.

Or, I recommend at least having dinner there. The fried oreos are delicous and so is their penne pasta.

5. DL (Delancey & Ludlow)

This is the spot to take your friends for a carefree fun night. DL is three levels. First floor is a restaurant/bar, second floor has a hip-hop feel and the third floor is Top 40 and dance. The door is fairly easy for girls and usualy $20/$30 for men. It’s New York, you still better look hott. DL also serves food and brunch.

(They’re Chicken Meatballs are delicious and I think the DL serves food until 12 am)

6. 1Oak NY

Also known as One of A Kind, this hotspot really gets going after 1:30 a.m. and you either need to be famous or have a table to get in here. 1Oak’s music choice is mainly hip-hop, rap and some EDM. It is thee club to turn up in or go H.A.M. I woke up in a new Bugatti.

7. Riff Raffs

Riff Raffs, is a trendy  upscale nightclub that plays a variety of music. If you’re lucky you’ll get EDM but it’s mostly a mix of radio hits. A bonus is that tt’s not an overcrowded spot to go to but you should get there before 11:30. For single girls, it s pretty easy to join a table for this club. Check Instagram.

Ladies, same story: High heels, contoured makeup, hair down, bring a gf. Also if it’s your first time at Riff Raffs,  ask the bartender for makeup!

Wherever you go, have fun, smile and if no one is buying you drinks, buy them yourself! If you have any nightlife suggestions tweet me @MeaganKristenC or leave a comment!

Watch video of deadmau5 moonlighting as an Uber driver in his McLaren 650S

This is why i love you Deadmau5. You’re so nice. ❤

Consequence of Sound

On Wednesday, deadmau5 took to the streets of Toronto as a one-night-only Uber driver, shepherding gentle folks to bars and Mexican food restaurants in his brand new McLaren 650S (aka the “Meowclaren”). If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ride in his little White Lightning, the folks at Uber have compiled video highlights of the DJ’s evening as a chauffeur.

Despite the complete lack of high-speed chases, the clip still offers a few entertaining tidbits. Namely, there’s some personal insights into the man otherwise known as Joel Zimmerman (he hates rain, his cat is nearly 10). It’s also just funny to see folks alternate between sheepish fandom and fear as their famous driver accelerates suddenly.

The best part, however, comes as one girl reveals her disappointment in not being picked up in deadmau5’s old Nyan Cat-covered Ferrari 458 Spider. To that woman, I say this: remember that…

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Insomniac’s Pasquale Rotella responds to Tom Petty’s senseless slander

Pasquale’s response is such a positive reaction to such a negative and ignorant point of view.

“I would think that someone who played shows with Dylan and the Dead—someone who lived through and actively contributed to the counterculture era of the ’60s and ’70s—wouldn’t be so quick to drink the overhyped media Kool-Aid about our festival experience. If he wants to come to EDC Vegas next year and see what it’s really about, we’ve got a ticket with his name on it. If he doesn’t want to wait that long, Nocturnal Wonderland is right around the corner. My Mama Irene would be stoked to meet him! Who knows? He might just have a “Change of Heart.

Well done, Pasquale. You’re so PLUR. ❤

Pasquale and Rainbow

Pasquale and Rainbow

Martin Luther King Jr. said it best:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”


An interview about Molly and EDM

From The Electric Daisy Carnival to Electric Zoo, EDM has been labeled as being responsible for claiming the lives of concert goers. Collectively aligned, Moms Against EDM, has gone as far to draw up initiatives to ban the genre of music. Those who have attended these music festivals have a different perspective on what it takes to lose a life- at a concert.

Rest in peace Olivia and Jeff.

Party responsibly.

Social Experiment: MTV Awards vs. Katie

One thing i’ve grown to enjoy is observation. Where people go, what people wear, crowd variations  event to event. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a major awards ceremony, tapings of TV shows and dance music festivals.

This particular summer I got to attend the MTV Video Music Awards. While there can be some assumption of who attends these shows i.e celebrities, the media, rich people who can afford a ticket, but there is a whole other group that attended the show I went to. Fans. These fans ranged from girls to guys to parents with their kids.

Thanks to 1iota I attended this event and a few weeks later, The Katie Couric Show. I can’t take too much credit for attending Katie because i was amongst the last 5 to get cut out, despite my on time arrival. No worries though, I get it. As a PR practitioner and live entertainment enthusiast, not everything is going to work out every time. However there were some notable practices.

 MTV VMAs – Brooklyn

Here, one could make a keen observation based on appearance alone. The attendees in this crowd were dressed …. music-video-ready, hunny. There were rhinestones galore, high heels, strappy heels, flats, leather skirts, the little black dress,

Imageballer baseball caps, collared shirts, bow ties, studded high tops, Doc Martins, suspenders and much much more. The event advised  “business casual attire, you are going to an awards show.” With that advisory, attendees whom wanted to leave no room for error pending a lingering camera shot, gave their unique spin on what those terms meant.  Aside from the attire there was something else about this young crowd.

An ambient mood was consistent throughout the crowd. Despite waiting for 4 hours, in the sun, everyone was relatively friendly. People were talking about who they might see, what A-listers were probably saying on the red carpet, what performances where going to be the best. There was excitement and anticipation. As the crowd baked in the hot August 25th sun. People were happy to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the same room with music’s biggest stars for such an exclusive event. There was an organic spirit and bond that was created by time and space.

The Katie Couric Show

Not too long after the MTV Awards, an opportunity through 1iota.com arose to see Lil Wayne on  Katie.  Lil Wayne and Katie Couric? This was going to be epic. I had anticipated I’d see much of the same people there young, hip, music-video-ready sort of people. While the ticket guidelines illustrated “wear bright colors, (try to avoid black)” and things of that nature, when you’re a 25 year old  that wouldn’t mind a glance from Lil Wayne, there’s so much more to an outfit than avoiding black. Nonetheless I had the perfect dress on reserve.

Upon arrival, I looked for the fashionistas and ‘nistos that’d be heading to the same taping as myself but didn’t see much. As I arrived to the line of about 20-30 people (there was a group already inside), there was something vastly different from this crowd. First, it was about 85% women if not more. Furthermore, these women were at least 35+. While the whole crowd varied in age, there was a prominent representation middle aged women. Was  I in the right place? Were they here to see Lil Wayne? …Maybe but there was something I hadn’t considered. They were here to see Katie.

Being a special guest kind of show, or so I imagethought, Lil Wayne fans would be heavy in representation.  His fans were there but so were their moms.

This hour long wait was much different from MTV. Mostly in pink and pastel colors, these ladies were in the matching two-piece pants suits, the floral tops and the 1/2 inch heel flats. They looked nice but were a far cry from music-video-ready. Their attire gave a dressed up lunch date vibe. Furthermore this crowd was not buzzing with excitement. There wasn’t a discourse or ambience. Katie’s line was quiet. There weren’t women exchanging Lil Wayne fan stories or chatter about what the plan was after the show let out. Everyone kept their conversation to the person they’d arrived with or silence. There was a 4 foot space from shoulder to shoulder and no eye contact with anyone. Although they were cordial, this crowd wasn’t making friends.  On this sunny and warm September day, Katie was the special guest. It was the first show of her new season and the support for her was there. It was nice but vastly different.

The difference in one crowd over the other is not classified under a particular preference. While the MTV VMAS is an award show, Katie is daily TV.  Yes, I got to sit next to MGK, Shaun White and a few seats away from Ariana Grande but Katie’s crowd got a computer on that day.

No matter what

If you get the opportunity to go to a live show, whatever the hosts or guests. GO. GO. GO. Some people don’t take advantage of this, it is an amazing chance to be a part of something intangible. Once the show airs, it’s gone and the thrill is what lives. The thrill of watching the hosts be cued, the excitement of being on a set and the claim to fame of saying “it was fun, i was there.” They’re all fun, each show is different from the other. I’ve been attending live shows since, TRL. The social experiment alone is worth the trip. Pay attention to people. Watch how people at your local Starbucks differ from those in Starbucks in Florida or California. And stay. Stay long enough to absorb the ambience, to strip people of labels and pay attention to how close they get to one another. To see how many people hold the door for someone behind them at each place.

Those are the things that matter.

Songs of the Summer

Covering EDM and R&B, here are are five songs that stop me in my tracks no matter where and when i hear them.  (click title of the song to play.)

Top Songs For Your Playlist(s):

Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – Poetic Justice

“I mean you need to hear this, call me crazy, we can both be insane, a fatal attraction is common and what we have common is pain, i mean you need to hear this.”

Poetic Justice, Poetic Justice, This song is thee perfect song to walk around a park to, kiss someone you just met or do a slow dance n your underwear to. It’s has the smoothest rhythm and tempo. The lyrics are almost noteworthy in a sense they’re intimate. a shared space or time.Maybe its cliche’ title doesn’t help much but this track is a definite Spring 2013 favorite.

Lana Del Rey & Cedric Gervais – Summertime Sadness

Oh, my God, I feel it in the air, Telephone wires above all sizzling like your stare, Honey I’m on fire I feel it everywhere, Nothing scares me anymore, Kiss me hard before you go….Summertime sadness.”

This track is widely loved and completely underplayed. For EDM fans this might be one of those treasures that sits on our playlists of music we love and quote just to verify who is in the know. Well I am blowing the cover. Listen to this song. Lana’s voice is heavenly and I wouldn’t dare take that away from her in any way but damn her voice sounds good with some EDM. “Young & Beautiful” was just mixed by Markus Schossow and its great if you like trance or want to open your creative listening stream. Nonetheless—-> Summertime Sadness, is a must listen.

Wale & Tiara Thomas- Bad

Bad girls ain’t no good, and the good girls ain’t no fun. And the hood girls want a smart n***a, college girls all want a thug So it seems we fiend for what we don’t need.”

This song is sex sex sex sexy. It gives me chills. No its not just the bed rocking in the background its her voice and his voice coming together on  this uncanny collaboration. If you need to know how this song feels, Strip. Ladies down to the panty and men down to the Calvins pour a glass of red wine and do some social media window shopping. This song is still in its beginning stages so mark my word… a song like this won’t be on the back burner for long.

GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab- Hit It!

Laidback Luke, Morgan Page, Mat Zo and countless other DJs/Producers  have dropped this track within the past few months.

This is the NUMBER ONE mid-playlist party reboot song. The fact that this song goes super hard at points, gives notion to the fact it can’t go first. Hit it is when you are ready to break it down and get the EDM hip roll on OR when you’re ready to hit the ‘Turnt up’ button, GTA, Henrix & Digital Lab is where it’s at.  This song is monumental and whether you like EDM or R&B you should definitely add this to your playlist.

J.Cole & Miguel- Power Trip

Would you believe me if I said i’m in love?

This is THE SUMMER TRACK as far as R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, etc. goes. Handsdown. Don’t argue. I admit J.Cole is still making his way BUT this is a heavy hitter. The chorus illustrates the monotony of infatuation or love. You feel it, you know it, this song is the grind. Plus! Miguel adds that extra splash of soulfulness that makes it genuine. It’s in the books.

The wave of music is always coming. My most current listenings can be found on Soundcloud. Other than that share your thoughts, tracks, pictures or food 😉 with me @MeaganKristenC

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